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Our Vision

To provide the best therapeutic breathwork training available by distilling the most effective techniques and approaches from around the world.

Our Team

Lisa V Kusch M.Sc, B.Ed.
Somatic Breath Therapist,
Certified Breathwork Facilitator
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Jodi Hope-Johnstone
Somatic Breathwork Facilitator
Bryn Thompson
Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Marcus Fung
Sound Therapist,
Breathwork Facilitator
Ocian Ward.jpg
Ocian Ward
Sound Therapist,
Breathwork Facilitator
Nattalia 2.jpg
Nattalia Walkker
Birth Doula, Breathwork Facilitator
Kylie head shot_edited.jpg
Kylie Judge
Breathwork Facilitator
Carrie Ladd
Nūma Administrator
Breathwork Facilitator in Training
Lisa M.jpg
Lisa Munkley
Breathwork Facilitator



I completed my Breathwork Facilitator training with Trevor after seeing the incredible and powerful impact Breathwork made in my life. Trevor is very knowledgeable and deeply passionate in helping others integrate Breathwork into their lives. I felt supported and trusted in Trevor's wisdom and guidance in learning to connect the breath to the wisdom of the body. The class was intense yet fun. I have experienced more joy and freedom than ever before by learning Breathwork. I would highly recommend Breathwork to everyone who is wanting to experience life more deeply and to breathe more freely. Truly transformational! Thank you Trevor!


- Bettina M, Red Deer

The conscious connected breathwork facilitators training expanded my consciousness of the healing benefits and brilliance of breathwork. Trevor holds heartfelt space and brings a comprehensive background in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the practice. An honor to be a student. I left feeling I'd found the golden ticket.

- Michelle R, Calgary

Trevor Yelich was my Breathwork Facilitator Trainer and teacher. I loved his daily meditations, rich experience, and depth of knowledge.  He matches concepts with stories and personal knowledge from his informed and reflective personal spiritual journey.  He left me with the confidence to combine breathwork with my acupuncture practice and my meditation groups. His style of teaching allows you to flourish safely and in a way that is both respectful and fun.  I had some of the most profound experiences knowing I was in good hands and could soar with the gentle techniques we practiced.  It was a marathon of a training and he coached us right to the end.  I can only imagine how amazing his training is now.  I hope to sit in again with him.  I would describe him based on my training experience as a humble approachable and effective professional who wants to learn as much as teach.

- Kevin S, Vancouver

Breathwork has been the catalyst of change, both big and small. It has given me the opportunity to deeply feel past trauma without judgement, and release the residual anxiety and stress from the system permanently. I would highly recommend the work to those who are willing to make a conscious step towards inner peace and freedom.

- Tanya M, Calgary

I took the Breathwork facilitator training course with Trevor in 2014 in Victoria BC. Without a doubt, the course absolutely changed my life, and has set me on the most beautiful path. To say my soul got rocked, my mind got blown, and my heart got cracked open is an understatement. Since the training, I have been working one on one with people, as well as leading group Breathwork sessions. I absolutely adore working with people and witnessing their journeys, and I have had much positive feedback from clients. Breathwork gives people the oppertunity to be real, raw and open in such a safe space. In a world that is so emotionally guarded, I deeply believe Breathwork is a needed potent healing tool. Trevor is such an amazing teacher, and I feel so blessed to have studied with him. He is so supportive, present, and knowledgable. I'm pretty sure he is a walking talking human library. I can't wait to continue learning from him, and take more of his trainings. Whether you want to facilitate Breathwork, or just dive into the depths of yourself, the nūma somatics training will most certainly shift your soul.

- Lex V, Victoria

A real teacher of a spiritual practice will teach from their direct experience. Facilitators of this kind have a way of drawing the student deeper into the practice. 


I took my training with Trevor September 24, 2014 in Calgary. Trevor provided a 110 page manual that I still reference today. The manual helps me intellectualize the conscious connected breath.  But what provided me with the most value over the five-day training was the opportunity for direct experience with being the breather and the facilitator.  If you are looking at attending one of Trevor's facilitation trainings I recommend it.  Trevor has the knowledge and experience to help draw anyone interested in learning breathwork deeper into their practice.

- Kristy M, Edmonton

I appear to have permanently resolved a number of things in my life through breathwork.  I’ve released old judgmental patterns, emotions, and tension towards family members, I no longer feel guilt or shame sticking up for myself, I’m no longer taking on other peoples energy and stories, and I’ve been able to release unhealthy relationships.  I’ve come away feeling more relaxed and nurtured by something bigger. 

- Kristy M, Edmonton

Breathwork is total freedom, when you let yourself go and just be. I imagine it's like driving a formula 1 race car, being in a fire or landing on the moon. Words won't do justice or grace to what you'll become aware of once you do it. A patch of psoriasis that hadn't budged in years has cleared by half. The most perfect menses cycle ever. My kid asked what parenting book I'd read recently. I've purged a third of my house. I'm a kinder driver. Practical daily stuff.  Ohhhh, and the exquisite breath. During sessions, I've experienced everything from the second most physical and intense pain in my life all the way to encountering spirit or life force in waves throughout every cell of my being emulating in pure bliss.  Your experience will be just what you and the universe need in that moment.  The beauty is you then get to share that glorious breath in the daily world.

- Jen C, Calgary

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Conscious Breathwork?


Conscious Breathwork is both a psycho-emotional therapeutic practice and an opportunity to deeply explore and glean insight from non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Conscious Breathwork is a practice in returning to natural, unhindered breathing.  It is a practice that starts with mimicking, as best as possible, this natural breathing experience and ends with being breathed.  When the mimicking of natural breathing – i.e. relaxed exhales and no unconscious pauses in the breath cycle – is sustained for long enough in a session the old stresses that one’s physiology hasn’t yet discharged or integrated start to rise to the surface of consciousness.  These unconscious experiences are suppressed or repressed through both physical and physiological restrictions, particularly in one’s breathing, so when a person consciously invites a change to the patterned restrictions the unconscious experiences begin to surface within the bodymind.  As they do they can also trigger feeling states that were tied to the original stressing experiences and the person’s reaction to them.  By catalyzing the lifting of these old stresses into consciousness, a person is then able to address them with corrective experiences while learning from and integrating them.


There are numerous styles of Conscious Breathwork, each with their own styles of facilitation, supplemental practices, and perspectives on how the connected breathing is best done.  They go by the name of Rebirthing Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational Breathing, Clarity Breathwork, Shamanic Breathwork, Integrative Breathwork, Vivation, Breath of Bliss, Biodynamic Breathwork, and more.

What does Nūma mean?


Nūma (pneuma) is an ancient Greek word for both breath and spirit.

What does Somatics mean?


Somatics, in the therapeutic sense, can refer to either experiential bodywork/movement practices or Somatic Psychotherapy.


Somatics is an umbrella term for a wide variety of experiential movement practices that can be healing and opening for both body and mind. Activities such as yoga can fall under this umbrella yet the term is more typically used for practices such as Continuum Movement, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Rolfing, and Hanna Somatics.  They tend to be very gentle, mindful approaches to reorganizing the body and mind.


Somatic Psychotherapy is a general term for approaches/schools of thought within the field of psychology that involve the body as an integral component of psychological structure and functioning and subsequently see the body as a vital vehicle for healing and self-actualization. Schools of somatic psychotherapy include Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Focusing, Bodynamics, and Bioenergetics.

How does Nūma Breathwork differ from other types of Conscious Breathwork?


Nūma Breathwork utilizes Conscious Breathwork as one of its key techniques yet is not limited to it.  In addition to the potent breathwork, Nūma Breathwork strategically incorporates select theories, principles, and techniques from somatic movement practices, somatic psychotherapeutics, and sound healing that bolster the breathwork practice and deeply support the client's unique process.  The expansive view and strong foundational skill sets developed within Nūma Breathwork provides great flexibility for the practitioner when determining how to optimally implement the breathwork for therapeutic success.

What are the benefits of receiving Nūma Breathwork and Nūma Somatics sessions?


While the benefits vary from person to person and from session to session, in general the benefits of receiving a session include:​


  • Deep relaxation of body and mind

  • Detoxification, restoration, and oxygenation of the cells

  • Improved respiratory functioning

  • An increased sense of and capacity for aliveness and pleasure

  • Recognition and resolution of self-limiting beliefs

  • Resolution of suppressed and repressed emotions

  • Reduced stress and increased inner peace 

  • Development of new resources to engage life more stably and fully

  • Increased self-love, acceptance, compassion, joy, and trust

  • Deepening mental clarity, insight, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth

Who studies Nūma Breathwork and Nūma Somatics?


Nūma Breathwork and Nūma Somatics are practices that can stand alone as a practitioner's main service or be incorporated alongside other complementary services. Anyone that is interested in diving deeply into their own personal process and supporting others in doing the same may find the Nūma practices a delightful, effective, and powerful way to do so.  People already providing complementary practices such as the following may find Nūma Breathwork and Nūma Somatics powerful allies in therapy:


  • yoga teachers, meditation instructors, and ecstatic/trance dance facilitators

  • energy workers and shamanic practitioners

  • counselors, psychotherapists, and psychologists

  • life coaches and personal development facilitators

  • massage therapists, physiotherapists, and bodyworkers

  • respiratory therapists, music therapists, and sound healers

Why become a Nūma Breathwork facilitator?


Nūma Breathwork is rich for both client and practitioner.  The practice fosters deep resolution and healing on all levels of being as it provides access to not only the stresses and trauma accumulated amidst this lived life but also during the birth process, the period of gestation, and, if your paradigm permits, the stresses and trauma that appear to be connected with past life happenings and the collective unconscious.  The practice is an intimate engagement within the living moment where profound shifts in belief and relationship occur spontaneously leading to insight and behavioral shifts at a fundamental level.


On the practical level, the therapeutic offering can be extended beyond one-on-one sessions into semi-private and group formats affording the practitioner to serve many more people than is typically reachable within private practice.  

Do I need to be registered to offer Nūma Breathwork in my community?


The requirement for registration is unique to each province/state/country.  Please check with your existing regulatory agencies to determine whether or not registration is required.  Breathwork is not currently regulated within Canada so there is no organization to register under.  As such, Nūma Breathwork Facilitators and Nūma Somatics Practitioners are currently unregulated and offer their therapeutic services without specific insurance coverage.

Are payment plans available for studying Nūma Breathwork and Nūma Somatics?


Yes, payment plans are available online while registering through Amilia, our registration software. Please reach out if you have further questions.

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