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Block A



175 Hours

Take an experiential dive into the powerful therapeutic modality of Nūma Breathwork. This dynamic training is your opportunity to deepen your personal experience with Nūma Breathwork while developing an understanding of its foundational theories, philosophy, and science.  Once the foundations are set, you'll take another step into the depths and explore the complex origins of stress and trauma; right back to birth, ancestral origins, and beyond. Together, we will expand our capacities to offer breathwork as an effective healing, mind-expanding, and heart-opening tool in your community.

Your Block A training series is both a living conversation and a transformational journey for self and in support of others. As a group, we collectively source knowledge, experience, and wisdom as we creatively color between the lines of academic learnings.  We will explore the ways our bodies and breathing patterns store and propagate our historical stresses and traumas as well as bodywork, movement, repositioning, sound, and breathing practices that may serve to resolve those patterns.  You will both receive and provide practice breathwork sessions with fellow students as you develop the practical skill sets required to safely facilitate transformational one-on-one Nūma Breathwork sessions.

As your experience grows, you will be provided with the space and time to explore the gamut of multi-dimensional experiences possibly encountered amidst breathwork journeys and how they are understand within the expansive, global framework of Transpersonal Psychology. Specific complimentary principles and practices from the field of body psychotherapy will be investigated and practiced to support the navigation, processing, and resolution of beliefs and stored emotional energy.  Trauma-sensitive approaches for these powerful practices will be interlaced throughout the program.

In this training, you will learn:


  • to foster a confidential, loving healing space

  • to read a wide array of psycho-emotional patterns embedded within bodily tensions and habitual breathing patterns

  • how to make sensitive contact verbally, energetically, and physically

  • a wide variety of tools and practices to support deep releases within the body and breath, including:

    • affirmations and inquiry

    • simple movement practices

    • positional changes

    • alternative breathing practices

    • vocal toning

  • foundational principles, theories, and practices that are key to safe and effective breathwork facilitation

  • about potential patterns that may have been sourced during conception, gestation, and/or the birthing process

  • about charge and discharge cycles and how memory plays an important role in both trauma retention and renegotiation

  • a wide variety of complimentary tools and practices such as sound healing, dyad-based inquiry, and bioenergetic/ trauma release somatic exercises


I am in awe of the integrity and comprehensive information received in this course.  The information was delivered in a perfect blend of theory and experiential components which was paired so skillfully by the facilitators.  The group grew closer as we dove into the material which provided such a safe container to experience both roles as a facilitator and a client doing our own breathwork.  I never felt like I was left hanging and was always supported by everyone in the group.  It was such a profound week both on professional and personal levels, and I feel like I am still being supported as I integrate the material and the healing that I experienced during my own breathwork. The facilitators stressed and embodied the importance of us doing our own work which helps make us better and more compassionate practitioners.  I am looking forward to learning more and healing more layers as I continue my journey as I complete the Numa Breathwork certification process.


- Sharon S, Red Deer

I came to the training with a clear recognition that I was at an edge in relation to the wounding of (but not limited to) this lifetime. Prior to the training, I didn't feel ready/ equipped to explore it. It hurt too much. Whatever shifted in the experiences of our time together has allowed the lid to come off. It sucks. It's glorious. I feel SO supported, both by seen and unseen forces. I couldn't and wouldn't ask for it to be any other way, but ffffffffffpppptptptptttt it is thick and icky. Amidst it all, I feel immense gratitude as I know it is what I am here to do - clearly because here it is. Deep gratitude for the part your facilitators have played.

  - Heather M, Ottawa

Upcoming Block A Trainings

Module 1 - Online (Live - EDT):  July 22-25, 2021

Module 2 - Online (Live - EDT):  September 16-19, 2021

Module 3 - In-Person (Montreal, QC):  October 26-30, 2021


Module 1 - Online (Live):  January, 2022

Module 2 - Online (Live):  March, 2022

Module 3 - In-Person (Vancouver, BC):  May, 2022

Training Hours 

Online: 11am to 6pm, daily

In Person: 9am to 6pm, daily


Training Cost

$2390 + tax

The total hours of training (175 hours) includes two 4 day online trainings and one 5 day in-person training, web study meetings, home studies, and practicum. Home studies include the review of teachings from the Block A training modules as well as assigned studies, self practice, and practicum hours between modules.


Submission of a Nūma Somatics Training application is required in order to be considered for entrance into Block A.

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