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Throughout the facilitator training you developed the capacity to read the tensional patterns embedded within the client's body and breathing.  Now it's time to enhance your ability to facilitate the release of these tensional patterns in the body.


The Pattern Specific Bodywork module is your opportunity to explore how the musculoskeletal system and fascial network are involved in common habitual breathing patterns and how you can simply and effectively apply bodywork principles and techniques to support the resolution of these imbalances and habitual patterns.  

You’ll be walking away from this training with:


  • an improved capacity to assess your client's habitual breathing patterns 

  • a deeper understanding of the musculoskeletal systems role in each of these breathing patterns

  • knowledge about fascia (connective tissue) and the various diaphragms of the body and how they are connected to stress and trauma responses

  • many simple and effective hands-on techniques for releasing restrictions and resolving tensional patterns related to habitual breathing patterns

  • a powerful new capacity to support well-rounded resolution on all levels -  mentally, emotional, spiritually, and physically


I sit in humble gratitude for the highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers who offered this material.  This material was essential to understanding the physical structures of the body that linked to the emotional mapping I learned previously.  Moreover, I was delighted after so many years of studying anatomy from a dry 2-dimentional perspective, to have the many-layered fabric of the body re-introduced to me such a tangible way. I can track more, feel more and touch with more specificity.  Thank you so much!


  - Judy L, Calgary

Upcoming Training Dates


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Training Hours**


9am to 6pm, Friday - Monday


**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.**


Training Cost:  $750 + taxes



Completion of Level 4 Nūma Breathwork Facilitator training.

*No previous bodywork experience is required for this training.*

The total hours of training (40 hours) include the four (4) day in-person training (30 hours) and 10 hours of home studies. 

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