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Many people assume that good communicators possess an inherent gift for speaking and listening to others however, communication skills are developed with deliberate, consistent effort and practice. Building on foundational principles and skills learned during the basic training, this module will support facilitators in unpacking and appreciating the interconnected and relational nature of the therapeutic relationship through the cultivation of effective communication skills. We will explore numerous factors involved in communicating effectively and the ways that communication becomes compromised with clients, colleagues, professionals, and organizations.


Additionally, as breathwork continues to grow in acceptance and popularity it is increasingly being offered over electronic delivery platforms and shared with a broader range of clientele including large and small corporations, institutions, and businesses of all kinds. These evolving platforms and settings for our breathwork offerings are driving the need to develop excellent communication skills in every area of practice.

Within this module, you will:

  • expand your knowledge on the therapeutic relationship and gain a clear understanding of this benchmark factor in any healthcare or healing process

  • discover how communication can be improved through learning to relate to another person by tracking and responding to both verbal and non-verbal signals

  • explore noticing the clues in an other’s face and listening with your eyes

  • build on your basic understanding of empathy and learn to foster ways to increase empathy within yourself or clients

  • explore empathy boosting exercises and thought-provoking techniques to boost your relational abilities with clients, colleagues, or anyone in your life

  • develop critical speaking skills and learn to apply them with ease and grace

  • develop strong written skills for record keeping in breathwork to maximize collaborative potential across the healthcare spectrum and minimize risk as breathwork becomes more mainstream and in demand

  • learn about written and electronic record keeping in relation to private practice, referrals, interdisciplinary practices, and practicing within organizations

Upcoming Training Dates

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Training Hours**


6pm to 9pm, Friday

9am to 6pm, Saturday

9am to 6pm, Sunday


**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.**


Training Cost:  $375 + taxes



Completion of Level 4 or 5 of the Nūma Breathwork Facilitator training.

The total hours of training (20 hours) include 15 hours of in-person training and 5 hours of home studies.

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