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We are Storytellers:

Reimagining the myth of one’s life

Level 4

Trauma-Informed Facilitation of Breathwork

and Psycholytic Breathing Experiences II


We are Storytellers:

Reimagining the myth of one’s life


5 Days, 83 hours (37.5 hours in-person)

Storytelling of old wasn’t only for amusement or passing time… it was a living communication that embodied the wisdom and mystery of the ages.  The songs and myths echoing on from human to human carried the aches and pains, sorrows and heartbreaks, courage and curiosity, and pleasures and deep loves of this blood and bone human-spirited experience.   Many of us have disconnected from being cocreators within these living stories but nonetheless, we’re still storytellers.  We tell ourselves stories every day.  We live and die by these stories.  The question is what stories are we telling ourselves, what consequence do they have on our lives, and how can we creatively reimagine them?

Level 4 is where we turn things up while continuing to slow things down.  The more we develop our capacity to safely support clients within their Windows of Tolerance, the more we can learn how to evoke particular experiences for clients that are wanting to investigate something very specific within their experience of life.  By doing so, our investigations with clients can sensitively and safely be accelerated.  We will be exploring additional complimentary and supportive somatic approaches to bolster our capacity and allow us to safely work with a broader array of client presentations.  This will include looking at the ways our bodies and breathing patterns store and propagate our historical stresses and traumas as well as the introduction of bodywork, movement, repositioning, sound, and alternative breathing practices that may serve to resolve those patterns and/or catalyze insight and healing.  We will also look at numerous methods for effective integration of the transformation that occurs within breathwork sessions.

As in the previous level, this psycholytic style of breathwork facilitation strategically utilizes moderate doses of breathwork (for mild to moderate shifts into non-ordinary states of consciousness) embedded within a somatic, relational therapeutic approach to safely renegotiate our clients’ painful past learning experiences and bravely imagine and embody new possibilities.


You will continue to both receive and provide one-on-one Nūma Breathwork sessions with fellow students as you develop your rapidly evolving skill sets.

In this level, you will learn:

  • additional ways to listen, communicate, and experiment effectively for therapeutic purposes

  • how to incorporate an increasing variety of somatic psycho-therapeutic theories, principles, and practices into your facilitation

  • how to be directive without compromising sensitive listening or the spirit of experimentation within sessions

  • more ways to safely and strategically experiment within sessions to improve therapeutic outcome

  • to recognize the nuances of transformation and numerous ways to support the integration of the new possibilities, insights, and somatic changes

  • proximity and boundary explorations

  • to read basic psycho-emotional patterns embedded within bodily tensions and habitual breathing patterns

  • to understand and develop the capacity to work with more common session experiences

  • a wide variety of tools and practices to support deep investigations and releases within the body and breath, including:

    • contact statements and acknowledgments

    • affirmations, inquiry, and probes

    • simple movement practices, positional changes, and takeovers

    • alternative breathing practices

    • vocal toning and voice work.


This work moves me at a soul level and I am so grateful to have you as a teachers/facilitators/ navigators. I feel so lucky to have found Nūma Somatics. The training is top notch, I wouldn't change a thing. The facilitators are an amazing team and I so appreciate how you hold space for us all. Thank you for this last session - it just keeps getting better & better.


- Wendy A, Courtney

Upcoming Level 4 Trainings

Training Cost: $1195+tax

Training Hours**


Wednesday - Sunday: 9am-6pm


**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.*

The total hours of training (83 hours) include the multiple day training, web study meetings, and home studies. Home studies include the review of teachings from the Level 4 training as well as  assigned studies, self practice, and practicum hours during the time between Level 4 and Level 5.

Please note: Should Nūma Somatics need to cancel a training or event due to Covid restrictions, the registrant will be transferred to a future date or online.
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