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Have you had a taste of Breathwork and are looking for more? Or just beginning your breathwork journey?

Maybe even looking to learn how to safely facilitate this transformational work for others?

How about acquiring some extra tools for your process of self-exploration, discovery, and healing? Or creatively rewriting your outdated conditioning?

Take the leap and join us for a one-day exploration of Nūma Breathwork and how it can transform your life!

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This is your opportunity to taste the depth and potency of the practices Nūma Somatics offers.  It provides the space and time to dive more deeply into your own personal journey, helping to resolve old burdens and foster clarity in life, while also serving as an introduction to the art and science of breathwork as a facilitated, therapeutic practice.  

In this 1 Day Experience, you will:


  • How the breath can be your greatest ally in this life

  • How to use the breath to either regulate yourself or help you enter an altered state of consciousness

  • Possible ways you have been holding on to patterns of tension that influence your experience of life

  • How you can breathe new life and spirit into your everyday journey and creativity

  • Learn complementary movement and contemplative practices that integrate with Nūma Breathwork

  • know if Nūma is a fit for your Breathwork Facilitator journey. 

Are you ready to shift, shake, move and breathe into a more conscious way of being?

Or if our way of approaching this work might be what you’re looking for in facilitator training?

If so, we will see you online!


Breathwork has been the catalyst of change, both big and small. It has given me the opportunity to deeply feel past trauma without judgment, and release the residual anxiety and stress from the system permanently. I would highly recommend the work to those who are willing to make a conscious step towards inner peace and freedom.

- Tanya M, Calgary

Upcoming Discover Nūma Breathwork

Onilne Training Hours

12:00pm to 5:30pm EST

Training Cost:

$35 + taxes

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I feel f#@%ing incredible. I'm communicating more freely and seeing some really neat changes in all of my relationships, especially with myself.

  - Jocelyn S, Calgary

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