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We are Guides:
Sharing knowledge from lived experience.

Phase 3 Training Module
Functional Approach to Disordered Breathing


We are Guides:

Sharing knowledge from lived experience.

80 hours (40 contact hours)

Entrance into Phase 3 training modules with Nūma Somatics

requires the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of Nūma Breathwork Phase 2 (or equivalent course(s) with another breathwork training program - 100 hours minimum training)
  • Training Application completed and accepted (if entering from a different training program)

The farther we’ve traveled on our own life journey with curiosity and studentship, and the more we’ve shared in the journey with friends, family, teachers and other guides, the more we’ve likely gleaned from life and developed the capacity to be an effective, conscious, compassionate guide for others.  And becoming a guide to others isn’t the end to our own studentship.  If anything, it’s the opening into a whole new level of earnest learning.


This Phase 3 training module will further develop the assessment and tracking skills of facilitators with an experiential approach to the psychophysiology of disordered breath patterns.  Students will learn how to support clients as they re-establish functional breathing mechanics as part of their integrative maintenance between private Nūma Breathwork sessions.

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After this training, you will be able to:

  • explain and model an open healthy breath to clients and explain how this is achieved in the context of somatic breath therapies 

  • recognize disordered breathing behaviours that occur before, during or after a Nūma Breathwork session

  • identify the possible role and effect that breathing behaviour has on the client's mechanics, physiology and psychophysiology within the context of the current session

  • lead the client through simple self-assessment tools to identify disordered breathing or mechanical restriction

  • explain, mirror and explore the existing behaviour with the client

  • explain, mirror and explore functional breathing mechanics and behaviour to the client

  • construct a specific home learning plan to support integration of the private session with measurable goals identified by the client

  • lead a 90 min group class for basic functional breath retraining.


I completed my Breathwork Facilitator training with Trevor after seeing the incredible and powerful impact Breathwork made in my life. Trevor is very knowledgeable and deeply passionate in helping others integrate Breathwork into their lives. I felt supported and trusted in Trevor's wisdom and guidance in learning to connect the breath to the wisdom of the body. The class was intense yet fun. I have experienced more joy and freedom than ever before by learning Breathwork. I would highly recommend Breathwork to everyone who is wanting to experience life more deeply and to breathe more freely. Truly transformational! Thank you Trevor

- Bettina M, Red Deer

Upcoming Trainings

Vancouver BC:  August 3 - 7, 2022


Training Cost:  $1195 + GST

Training Supplies:  Optimal Breathing Kit  (Approx. $100)

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Training Hours**


In Person:  Wednesday - Sunday, 9am-6pm

Online: Thursday - Sunday, 10am-4pm

**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out after registration.  Times listed above are in MST.**

The total hours of training (80 hours) include the in-person or online training (40 contact hours) plus 40 hours of web study meetings, home studies, and practicum work.

To receive a certificate of completion for Phase 3's Functional Approach to Disordered Breathing, at least 90% of the live training must be attended and all web meetings, home studies, and practicum must be completed. 

Please note: Should Nūma Somatics need to cancel a training or event due to Covid restrictions, the registrant will be transferred to a future date or online.
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