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For many of us, Breathwork has not only been a powerful tool for supporting the health and healing of our bodies, hearts, and minds; it has also been a catalyst for rich, insightful, and even life-changing expansions in consciousness and connections with the non-ordinary. 


Join us for an exciting exploration of a wide range of alternative breathwork adventures as we utilize breathwork as a catalyst for journeying and evoking those transpersonal, numinous experiences that are oh so hard to describe.

In this training, you will:


  • more deeply explore a psychological and philosophical framework that supports the full gamut of breathwork experiences, including death and rebirth experiences, past life experiences, spiritual/numinous experiences, and other experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness

  • study and practice utilizing active imagination, visualization, and journeying techniques in conjunction with breathwork

  • study and experience a wider variety of alternative breathwork practices including mirror and partner sessions, long (2-3 hour) breath journeys, journeys incorporating alternative breathing techniques, and spinal breathing

  • experience and learn additional integration practices - in particular, the use of artwork as a means to express and integrate aspects of breathwork journeys that are not conveyed easily with words

  • discuss spiritual emergencies, "dark nights of the soul," and the difference between seeking to feel better versus seeking Truth

The total hours of training (40 hours) include the 30 hour in-person training plus 10 hours of home practice and studies.

Upcoming Training Dates

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Training Hours**


9am to 6pm, Friday - Monday


**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.**


Training Cost:  $750 + taxes



Completion of all five levels of the Nūma Breathwork Facilitator training.

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