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We are Firekeepers:
A safe return to what truly matters

Level 2

Trauma-Informed Facilitation of Breathwork

and Microdose Breathing Experiences


We are Firekeepers: A safe return to what truly matters


5 Days, 83 hours (37.5 hours in-person)

Firekeeping is a common ceremonial role across many of the world’s cultures.  The sacred fire is a central element in many ceremonies and is often the transmuter of offerings, including our intentions and prayers.  There is a sacred fire inside each of us.  When you experience someone vibrantly alive and deeply on purpose, you know it; they’re on fire and the light radiates through their eyes.  Conversely, someone depressed or feeling hopeless may be experienced with dimmed eyes and an absence of fire and drive.  As Firekeepers, we tend to these internal, sacred fires – in ourselves and in others.  When the light is dimmed in another, we serve as humble, fellow human beings with keen senses that can spot the faintest glows in the embers of our hearts, minds, and souls.  We gather intentionally with hope, care, love, and respect around the embers and work together to rekindle our sacred fires.  Together, we remember what truly matters.

What truly matters is at the heart of our work – with ourselves and with our clients.  It’s expressed through an integral therapeutic relationship and a curiosity-inspired therapeutic process that is safe-enough to support our fellow human beings in their navigation back to what truly matters for them.  This is where we begin our journey together as we take an experiential dive into the powerful therapeutic modality of Nūma Breathwork. 


Your Level 2 training is both a living conversation and a transformational journey for self and in support of others.  As a group, we collectively source knowledge, experience, and wisdom as we creatively color between the lines of academic learnings.  Our primary focus at this stage will be on developing and sustaining a healthy, effective therapeutic relationship within which breathwork may be safely delivered. 

We will also be developing a wide selection of resources that can be implemented in support of the client’s optimal self-regulation whether it is within their day to day lives or while they are participating in these powerful processes.  At this stage, we will primarily be looking at the facilitation of microdose level breathwork experiences that enhance and optimize our day-to-day functioning and overall sense of well-being. 


You will both receive and provide breathwork sessions with fellow students as you develop the practical skill sets required to safely facilitate transformational one-on-one breathwork sessions.

In this training, you will learn:

  • to foster a confidential, loving healing space

  • to cultivate a respectful, curiosity-based therapeutic relationship

  • ways to listen and communicate effectively for therapeutic purposes, including

    • clear instructions

    • supportive affirmations

    • basic inquiries

  • how to make sensitive contact verbally, energetically, and physically

  • use of dyad-based inquiries

  • the stages and aspects of our comprehensive therapeutic process

  • foundational principles and psycho-therapeutic theories and practices that are key to safe and effective breathwork facilitation

  • how to recognize and work within the Window of Tolerance

  • to work with the therapeutic relationship and resources to support clients in re-establishing healthy self-regulation

  • to support the client in recognizing existing resources and locating new ones

  • about different non-ordinary states of consciousness and their importance

  • about the use of intentions, invocations, and the setting of sacred space/confidentiality

  • about the use of music and other basic breathwork session tools

  • basic post-breathwork session grounding and integrating practices

  • about some common session experiences (eg. tetany) and how to respond to them

  • basic history, philosophy, and theory for conscious, connected breathwork practices 

Camp Fire


Even in a world gone mad(e)

amidst turmoil and trauma

embers glow within the ashen darkness,


The embers aren’t out,


Rouse the fire in these hearts, 

these bellies,

and these souls.

We are Firekeepers.


After completing level 2, I am in awe of the integrity and comprehensive information received in this course.  The information was delivered in a perfect blend of theory and experiential components which was paired so skillfully by the facilitators.  The group grew closer as we dove into the material which provided such a safe container to experience both roles as a facilitator and a client doing our own breathwork.  I never felt like I was left hanging and was always supported by everyone in the group.  It was such a profound week both on professional and personal levels, and I feel like I am still being supported as I integrate the material and the healing that I experienced during my own breathwork. The facilitators stressed and embodied the importance of us doing our own work which helps make us better and more compassionate practitioners.  I am looking forward to learning more and healing more layers as I continue my journey as I complete the Numa Breathwork certification process.


- Sharon S, Psychologist

Upcoming Level 2 Trainings


Cost: $1195 + GST

Training Hours**


Wednesday - Sunday: 9am-6pm

**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.**

The total hours of training (83 hours) include the five (5) day in-person training, web study meetings, home studies, and a practicum. Home studies include the review of teachings from the Level 2 training as well as assigned studies, self practice, and practicum hours between Level 2 and Level 3.

Please note: Should Nūma Somatics need to cancel a training or event due to Covid restrictions, the registrant will be transferred to a future date or online.
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