nūma somatics Facilitator and Practitioner Training Programs

The 300-hr nūma somatics Facilitator Training is a blend of in-person training, web meetings, home studies, and practicum hours.

In-person training occurs over four 5-day modules and accounts for 150 contact hours within the facilitator training.

In Level 1: Conscious Breathwork Basics, trainees are introduced to basic principles and practices for safe facilitation of one-on-one Conscious Breathwork sessions.


Level 2: Breathwork: Exploring Psyche and Soma builds on the basic principles and practices of the first level. Time is spent exploring key complementary principles and practices from various schools of psychology and Bioenergetics, understanding the expansive paradigm of Transpersonal Psychology as a framework for the Breathwork practice, studying birth trauma.  Sound Healing practices are introduced.


In Level 3: nūma somatics, trainees redefine their practice of Conscious Breathwork by learning how to add in a strategic array of somatic movement practices and complementary principles and practices from various schools of somatic psychology.  Additional sound healing tools and techniques are studied.


Level 4: nūma somatics Group Facilitation takes all that was learnt within the first three levels and develops the capacity to clearly and effectively deliver the nūma somatics experience within a group environment.  Time is spent exploring the development of themes, use of progressive explorations, and use of complementary sacred technologies (trance dance, smudge, ceremony).

14 hours of web meetings occur between training modules to address business and marketing practices and any questions arising from the trainees home studies and practicum sessions.


Home studies and practicum sessions account for 136 hours of the training and provide the space and time for each trainee to deepen their own experience with breathwork, studies of the principles and practices, and capacity for safe and effective facilitation.  The home studies are laid out in such a way as to permit a certain degree of specialization as well, honouring the unique interests of each trainee.

The 500-hr nūma somatics Practitioner certification is granted upon the successful completion of at least 200 hours of training in our advanced modules.  Each 50-hour advanced module is a blend of in-person training, web meetings, home studies, and practicum hours.  

There are six advanced modules to select from, allowing for a degree of "specialization" as a nūma somatics practitioner.  Select from:

nūma somatics is a psychosomatic therapeutic process, an insightful dive into non-ordinary states of consciousness, and a curious exploration in being fully alive.  The facilitator training is the ground upon which we not only learn how to hold space for others to engage in nūma somatics but also deepen into our own unique inner journey.  Healer, heal thyself.

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