Each session you provide for your clients may be deeply transformational yet if your clients aren't consciously engaged in their healing process and personal journey outside of sessions with you, progress can sometimes be slow or restricted. Our Pattern Specific Client Self-Care module is your opportunity to broaden your therapeutic reach and improve your client's success by developing a toolkit to support your clients beyond the sessions and workshops.

Within this training, you will:


  • learn to evaluate habitual postural and tensional patterns related to the common breathing patterns that you will encounter in your clients

  • develop a simple, effective toolkit of techniques and exercises that can be offered to your clients as self-care practices for between sessions to optimize their processing, releasing, and integration of these habitual patterns, including:

    • basic yoga postures

    • somatic exercises

    • alternative breathing practices from numerous schools/traditions

    • self-applied bodywork techniques

  • cultivate basic understanding of other tools that may be utilized safely to provide additional benefit in the resolution of specific breathing patterns, such as:

    • healing sounds

    • essential oils

    • foods and nutritional suplements

Upcoming Training Dates


Training Hours**


9am to 6pm, Friday - Monday


**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.**


Training Cost:  $750 + taxes



Completion of Level 4 or 5 of the Nūma Breathwork Facilitator training.

The total hours of training (40 hours) include the four (4) day in-person training (30 hours) and 10 hours of home studies. 

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