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Welcome to the emerging, exciting, profound world of Sound Therapy.

Nūma Somatics is humbled and thrilled to be teaming up with professional sound therapist Marcus Fung to bring you this amazing 4 day training.  In our facilitator training, we introduced the possibility of bringing live sound into breathwork sessions to support our clients on their profound healing journeys.  Now it's time to deepen our studies and expand our capacity to both intuitively and intelligently co-create intentional vibrational fields for relational, therapeutic, and visionary purposes.

Within this advanced module you will:

  • expand your capacity to utilize a wide variety of healing tools/instruments, including frame drum, rattle, rain sticks, bowls, chimes, bells, tuning forks, and more

  • deepen your ability to access your voice as a transformational healing tool

  • deepen your capacity to empathically, energetically, and intuitively listen to clients, groups of participants, and the environment

  • learn to translate your listening and intention into a resonant vibrational response

  • learn simple sound practices and exercises that can be shared with your clients and workshop participants

  • explore sound ceremonially as we open the pathway to sound activations


The Nūma Somatics Sound Therapy training was a game changer for me for helping me to 'find my voice' and get comfortable with using sound. By day three I felt like an innocent kid again, exploring, being curious and having fun. Since taking this class I am using much more Sound Therapy in my practice (of all sorts) and have even started to take singing lessons!  I highly recommend trying this class out, you will not be disappointed in what you learn and  rediscover! 


  - Kyra P, Lethbridge

Upcoming Training Dates

Training Hours**


9am to 6pm, Friday - Monday


**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.**


Training Cost: $750 + taxes



Completion of either Level 4 or 5 of the Nūma Breathwork Facilitator training.

The total hours of training (40 hours) include the four (4) day in-person training (30 hours) and 10 hours of home studies. 

About your facilitator:

Marcus studies have taken him through a variety of trainings and experiences.  All of them with the underlying theme of raising the quality of life through the exploring re-generative connections and relationship to ourselves, to each other, and the Earth.

He completes the last 10 year cycle of work as a early music child educator, drum circle facilitator, and sound healing educator.

He currently is a trainee in Ancestral Lineage Repair as taught by Dr. Daniel Foor.  He recently completed 2.5 years with Pete Bernard - 8th Fire Medicine Lodge.  He apprentices Papa Gilbert Mahua in the Shipibo tradition of amazonian plant healing.  He is currently studying the 5 element medicine path with Jaki Daniels.

He is a laughter yoga leader, Level 3 Nūma Somatics trained Breathworker, and steward, and founder of Growing A Deep Listening Network, a project with the intent to restore the power of unconditional listening within our culture.

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