Rock Maze

Your Journey Begins with a Breath.

Ready To Change Your Life?
  • Know Thyself

    Fun Fact:  Nūma Breathwork is a potent catalyst for self discovery and exploration.

  • Breathe Into Being

    As your journey deepens, you will shed many layers and reveal more of your true way of being.

  • Sharing the Gifts

    Knowing yourself more intimately, you'll grow in many ways that are a gift for yourself, your community, and the world.



Breathwork has been the catalyst of change, both big and small. It has given me the opportunity to deeply feel past trauma without judgement, and release the residual anxiety and stress from the system permanently. I would highly recommend the work to those who are willing to make a conscious step towards inner peace and freedom.


Breathwork is total freedom, when you let yourself go and just be. I imagine it's like driving a formula 1 race car, being in a fire or landing on the moon. Words won't do justice or grace to what you'll become aware of once you do it. I've experienced everything from the second most physical and intense pain in my life all the way to encountering spirit or life force in waves throughout every cell of my being emanating in pure bliss.  Your experience will be just what you and the universe need in that moment.


I appear to have permanently resolved a number of things in my life through breathwork.  I’ve released old judgmental patterns, emotions, and tension towards family members, I no longer feel guilt or shame sticking up for myself, I’m no longer taking on other peoples energy and stories, and I’ve been able to release unhealthy relationships.  I’ve come away feeling more relaxed and nurtured by something bigger. 

Ready To Change Your Life?

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