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Take your capacity to read and support the resolution of the psychoemotional stories woven within your client’s body to a whole new level! 


These modules will provide an in-depth analysis of the physical, emotional, mental, relational, and social capacities that are naturally developed during each stage of a person’s growth and development and potential disruptions that may be incurred.  These disruptions, their associated biopsychosocial impacts, and a strategic blend of principles and practices that support their resolution will be explored.

In this training, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of Character Structure – the collections of limiting patterns that may be learned during the stages of a human’s development

  • Learn how different psychotherapeutic schools of thought have defined each stage of development, from ‘in utero’ to teen years and beyond

  • Enhance your understanding of Attachment theory, Attachment styles, and how they inform your work with developmental disruptions

  • Identify the key themes that are at play in each stage of development and the natural, healthy beliefs and capacities that are evoked through secure attachment and adequate support

  • Identify common limiting beliefs and life patterns that may arise during each stage of development from inadequate support and challenges in attachment

  • Develop the capacity to perceive the predominant Character Structures that are guiding your client’s interactions with others and life

  • Learn body-focused interventions for each Character Structure that are supportive of repair and reorientation towards natural, healthy beliefs, capacities, and interpersonal responses.

  • Grow to understand your own learnt Character Structures and how they interact with those of your clients.

  • Study a synthesis of somatic psychotherapeutic material from Bodynamics, Bioenergetics, Hakomi, Core Energetics, IBP, NARM, and more

The total hours of training (80 hours) include two 4-day modules (30 hours per module), 16 hours of home studies and practice. and two 2-hour web group consults.

It is also highly recommended that during this time of study students also receive a minimum of five facilitated therapeutic sessions from a professional that specializes in working somatically with developmental disruptions.

Upcoming Training Dates

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Training Hours**


9am to 6pm, Friday - Monday


**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out to registrants with course logistics approximately one month prior to the training.**


Training Cost:  $750 + taxes / module



Completion of Level 4 Nūma Breathwork Facilitator training.



Commitment to attending both Developmental Disruptions Modules 1 & 2.

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