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We are Threshold Attendants: Attending to birth, death, and rebirth.

Phase 3 Training Module
Exploring the Perinatal Domain and Beyond


We are Threshold Attendants:

Attending to birth, death, and rebirth.

80 hours (40 contact hours)

Entrance into Phase 3 training modules with Nūma Somatics

requires the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of Nūma Breathwork Phase 2 (or equivalent course(s) with another breathwork training program - 100 hours minimum training)
  • Training Application completed and accepted (if entering from a different training program)

This is your opportunity to both deepen your understanding of conscious breathwork as a tool of conscious transformation and explore the deeper origins of stress and trauma; right back to birth, ancestral origins, and beyond.  We take the space and time to explore the gamut of multi-dimensional experiences possibly encountered amidst breathwork journeys and how they are understood within the expansive, global framework of Transpersonal Psychology. Specific complimentary principles and practices from the field of body psychotherapy will be investigated and practiced to support the navigation, processing, and resolution of beliefs and stored emotional energy.  We will introduce trauma-sensitive approaches for these powerful practices. 

You will continue to receive and provide breathwork sessions with fellow students as you expand your practical skill sets and increase your efficacy in facilitating sessions.

In this training, you will learn:

  • to read an increasing array of psycho-emotional patterns held with the body and breath

  • about potential patterns that may have been sourced during conception, gestation, and/or the birthing process

  • ways to recognize perinatal experiences as they emerge in clients within sessions

  • tools and techniques to support clients in having corrective experiences of patterns and trauma connected with their perinatal experience

  • to recognize and move through the 7 cardinal movements of birth

  • about charge and discharge cycles and how memory plays an important role in both trauma retention and renegotiation

  • a wide variety of complementary tools and practices such as bioenergetic/trauma release exercises

  • additional principles, theories, and practices that are key to safe and effective breathwork facilitation.

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I joined the Numa community in 2019 as I was looking for a place to continue my personal healing journey. I had tried breathwork sessions during a retreat in Costa Rica, so when I returned home to Alberta I wanted to continue to explore this healing modality. I am a Registered Psychologist and prior to being introduced to Numa I was a traditional talk therapist. Experiencing a whole new level of opening somatically really opened my eyes to the power of this work and so I immediately registered for the Numa facilitator training. This has been truly transformational on both personal and professional levels. I have a whole new awareness of what our body holds on to as we navigate our lives and how to trust the body’s innate healing wisdom to move towards wellness. It has changed my life personally in the most profound ways and working in this way with clients has helped me facilitate positive changes for them as well.  I would recommend Numa Integrative Breathwork without a doubt.

- Sharon S

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Training Hours**


In Person:  Wednesday - Sunday: 9am-6pm

Online: Thursday - Sunday, 10am-4pm

**Note: Training schedules may vary by event.  An updated training schedule will be sent out after registration.  Times listed above are in MST.**

The total hours of training (80 hours) include the in-person or online training (40 contact hours) plus 40 hours of web study meetings, home studies, and practicum work.

To receive a certificate of completion for Phase 3's The Perinatal Domain & Beyond, at least 90% of the live training must be attended and all web meetings, home studies, and practicum must be completed. 

Please note: Should Nūma Somatics need to cancel a training or event due to Covid restrictions, the registrant will be transferred to a future date or online. 
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